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Meet the The Tomassinni’s :: Testimonial Video

Residential :: Kittredge, Colorado

The Decision for Geothermal

Jeanne and Don Tommassini live in the mountains above Kittredge, Colorado. An environmentally    conscience couple, Jeanne and Don wanted to stop using so much propane. Not only was it hurting the environment, it was hurting their wallets too. “Our propane bill from January 1st through May 1st was $2700. We knew we could do better than that,” said Don.

In May 2012, PanTerra Energy installed a geothermal heating and cooling system in their home. Geothermal is a proven technology that can save up to 70% on heating and cooling costs while creating a comfortable environment year-round.

Life with Geothermal

Installing a geothermal system in their house wasn’t a difficult choice for the Tommassinis. Don said the decision was easy; “It just keeps re-circulating the water down in the ground and back up. The Earth puts the temperature of the water between 55 and 60 degrees. It’s as green as you can get.” Installation of GHPs are quick and unlike solar panels, the system is shielded underground. “You can’t tell. The landscape looks just the same as it did before,” Jeanne added.

Jeanne and Don were both pleased with PanTerra’s work, specifically the company’s professionalism. The construction was clean and time efficient. “We went on vacation, came back and everything from the installation was all cleaned up!” said Don.

Long Term Savings

The Tommassinis are looking forward to paying a significantly lower electric bill. “Before geothermal, we were paying $3000 a year on our propane bill. Now we will only have to pay around $1300 a year. The cost will work out very favorably for us, especially since we won’t be buying any more propane,” explained Don. “PanTerra said this will pay off in ten years. I think it will be even less than that,” said Jeanne.