Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection contractors, engineers, and utility companies understand that the integrity of any pipeline infrastructure is a long-term investment. Environmental concerns drive the need for effective cathodic protection systems to prevent leakage from AST’s and pipelines caused by corrosion.

Drilling Services for Cathodic Protection/ AC Mitigation:

– Drilling of boreholes with diameters ranging from 8 to 12 inches, using top drive mud rotary or air rotary/hammer drilling.
– Use of mud recycling system to flush out trimmings and reuse the drilling mud.
– Facilitate in the loading of the vent pipe and anodes into drilled borehole.
– Drilling and setting of the plastic or steel casing.
– Facilitate in the coking of the hole with the set anodes using a Mechanical Geo Loop Pump that fills the hole starting from the base and working its way up.
– Shallow grounded installations.

Industries Served:

Private Oil & Gas Pipelines
Public Electric & Gas Utilities
Public Water Departments
Government & Military

Experience includes:

Rural and Metropole Pipelines
Power Stations
Rail Road Right of Ways
Indian Reservations
Military Bases

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