year-round comfort

The PanTerra 10-step Process

1. Initial meeting

PanTerra will conduct an initial meeting to discuss the energy needs and goals that are unique to each project.

2. Feasibility study

With information provided at the initial meeting, PanTerra will complete a feasibility study that outlines the scope of the project.

3. System design and operational simulation

If a GHPs is recommended for the project, an initial design will be developed illustrating how the system will work.

4. Financial modeling

At this stage, a financial model will be built to determine estimated up-front costs, energy savings and contract length and terms.

5. Construction timeline

A construction timeline is developed to ensure that it works within a project’s existing usage or construction schedules.

6. Contract executed

A formal contract is agreed to by both parties for all aspects of the project: construction, energy contract term and system buyout provisions.

7. Construction begins

PanTerra will handle all aspects of the system permitting, construction and installation.

8. System integration

At this stage the geothermal loop field is connected to the heat pump system and prepared for testing.

9. System testing

PanTerra will perform a complete system test to verify installation and performance guidelines have been achieved.

10. System is ready

You are now ready to start enjoying year-round comfort at much cheaper costs than your old HVAC system.